Day 3 – Western Peninsula and Djupalonssandur National Park

Got off to a late start this morning, headed East on 54 from Stykkisholmur and circled the peninsula before ending up at the Hotel Hafnarfjall outside of Borgarnes. Wonderful day of exploring black beaches, forests (a thicket of pine trees,) lava caves, and insanely rugged terrain. It rained on us off an on all day long, showing us several rainbows. Stopped at the black beach at Djupalonssandur before our caving adventure, and decided that 1 hour just wasn’t enough time at the beach, so we went back for a much more detailed inspection! After a quick dinner at the Grill House, we hit made out way back to the hotel, immediately upon hopping in the hottub the Northern Lights began a fantastic show, dancing across the skies in reds and greens! Trying to get some sleep to prepare for another exciting day tomorrow.

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