Day 4 – Closed roads!

It was dfficult getting to sleep after seeing such an amazing Aurora Borealis last night. This morning we left Hotel Hafnarfjall and headed into Borgarbygga to fuel up the 4wd and stock up on snacks at the Bonus. The plan was basically to head mostly East and end up somewhere on the Golden Circle. Well, after checking out Deildartunguhver (hot springs,) Hraunfossar (waterfall,) and Barnafoss (waterfall,) we found that the road ahead of us was listed as an “F” road and closed until the summertime, so we backtracked. The paper map we had listed an alternate route that was NOT an “F” road so we took that. After at least 50km of both brand new paved road and gravel roads we were greeted by a road closed sign and were forced to backtrack once again. After about 6 hours later we passed our departure point and began making forward progress. Driving through the Thingvellir National Park from the North American to the Eurasian tectonic plates we finally reached our destination of Laugarvatn. Found a great room at the Galleri Laugarvatn, and are now preparing for a solid sleep!

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