190910 Closed Baths, the Chimney, and the Kodiak Queen

We left Cooper Island early so that we could catch the Baths on Virgin Gorda before noon. Of course the Baths were closed so we set sail for the Dogs. Wonderful dive at the Chimney on the west side of Great Dog. Lots of surge from the northern swells made for an uncomfortable surface stay for Lori and a rather physical dive for Eric and I.

On surfacing, we cast off the mooring ball immediately and headed over to calmer waters and the Kodiak Queen. The Kodiak Queen remains to be an impressive dive, tons of sea life, and lots of history. We cleaned off the dedication plate and took some pics for the folks that sank it.

After the dives the wind pic up so we headed away from the islands for a few hours to get some sailing in before making it to Leverick Bay and grabbing a slip so that we could enjoy air conditioning for an evening.

The Chimney>Kodiak Queen>Leverick Bay

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